4 Sales Hacks to Avoid Surprises at the Close
17 Jan 2015

4 Sales Hacks to Avoid Surprises at the Close

No one wants a surprise just when you think the sale is going to close. Here are four hacks to prevent surprises.

1. Find out who needs to sign off

Even a CEO might need approval from the board. Never assume the person you are talking to has the final say.  They may say it’s their decision, and essentially it is, except for the person who ultimately has to approve the purchase. Make sure you know who that is and what objections they might have.

2. Know the buying process for that organization

Corporations are complex organisms with their own individual DNA. Understanding how the process works and making sure you cover all bases could save you a lot of time when you are most eager to close.

3. Identify all of the Buying Influences

Find out if there is anyone else who might hold up the close.  If the people using the solution everyday don’t feel it meets their needs, you could have a problem.

4. Look for Objections

If you would rather hope for the best than find out the worst, you are likely to have unpleasant surprises. If there are objections or concerns, get them on the table as early as possible. Either you can address them or you can’t. If you can’t, and there is no workaround, then you aren’t going to close the deal anyway. It’s better to find out early and redirect your efforts than miss quota because you missed an objection.

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