Getting Ready for Sales 2.0 in Philidelphia
12 Mar 2015

Getting Ready for Sales 2.0 in Philidelphia

I am counting the days until Sales 2.0 in Philidelphia on March 16th. Sales 2.0 in Las Vegas was a great opportunity to hear about the latest and greatest in sales enablement. Next week at Sales.20 in Philadelphia, the theme seems to be Surviving and Thriving in the Ever-Changing Sales Environment. What a great opportunity to be looking at changes that will enable us to keep pace with an increasingly savvy and demanding customer. It will be a valuable dialogue with some of the nation’s sales leaders.

I have been reading about the presenters for next week and they look awesome. Jennifer Stanley of McKinsey and Company is a great example. She will help set the stage for the discussion with her presentation on the Four Megatrends Upending Sales. If you want to be ready for what’s coming, this is a must see. She is going to talk about the rising tide of connectivity and the resulting changes in the sales landscape. The world will have gone from 200 million connected devices to an expected 50 billion in just 20 years. That change alone fundamentally changes the way we interact with customers. If that’s not enough, in her recent work, Jennifer points out that, 2015 is the “Year in which millennials—75% of whom use social networking—will outnumber Gen-Xers.”

I can’t wait to hear Jennifer’s insights on the megatrends and what they mean for sales people.

Once Jennifer has set the stage, Jeff Seely CEO of Carew International is going to talk about “Upgrading Your Sales Team as Fast as Technology,” and Jeff Perkins of PGI is going to talk about “Surviving the Rapidly Changing Sales Landscape.”

I’m looking forward to seeing you in Philadelphia. If you haven’t registered yet, you can register here.

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