SalesYou have spent a lot of money developing your product or service.   Unfortunately, products rarely sell themselves. Sometimes a good marketing campaign will do a lot, unfortunately, it is only part of the puzzle.  In most cases, someone needs to be the interface between your product and your customer.     Who is that interface and what are they saying.  Do they have the skills to help your customers make the connection between what they want and what you are selling?

What is the difference between say an adequate waiter and an excellent one?  The experience.  Has he taken time to say hello to the customers and tell them about the menu and options?  Has he brought things to their attention that might get them excited about their meal? Has he offered them drinks that spark their attention?  Did he offer a dessert they just couldn’t refuse?  Or, did he do what most servers do?  Hand out menus, ask if they want a drink, take the order,  ask if they want dessert and hand them a bill.

That is just one example.  Selling is about understanding your customer and helping them find what they want.  In a store, people typically say they are just looking.  A good sales person will help them find things they want, even if they don’t really know what they are looking for.  A good sales person helps you make the purchase and feel excited about it.  If the people in your store are not engaging your customers, you may be losing business.

If you have salespeople who are out selling your product, they require attention and training.  If sales isn’t one of your strengths, you may not be providing the support they need to sell your product effectively.  You may also be laying the groundwork for them to take your customers and go somewhere else.  Learning to manage and support your sales team, even if you aren’t a sales person is important.  Let us help you make you a better manager, and your sales force more effective.

We provide sales training for sales reps of all skill levels.  We facilitate sales meetings so that you have productive effective meetings.  We help you manage your sales people so that they are bringing in new leads, closing business and hitting revenue targets.  We help you create the sales brochures and other tools they need to do their jobs more effectively.

  •  “Re: Sales & Marketing helps keep me in touch with my clients electronically, by phone and in person. That keeps me focused on operations and service.”  

    Ron Lloyd

    Kokua Roofing

  •  "Liz can turn any small business around with her no nonsense approach to affordable yet highly sophisticated sales and marketing strategy. I have heard it said many times from clients that she is "worth every penny." She is also a world class business effectiveness consultant and strategic planning facilitator for small businesses and non-profit organizations."  

    Cheryl Holdcroft

  •  “Liz understands non-profits and donors.  She sees the whole picture and helps us focus our fundraising and outreach on the things that make the biggest impact.”  

    Sam Valenti

    Aloha Performing Arts Co.

  •  I believe that she could help any business or organization because she understands the structure of organizations. She knows the elements that must be in place for success. Beyond that, she knows how to inspire people to be very creative and to learn to solve their own problems.  

    Peter Schonberg

  • “Liz has a knack for getting to the right person and saying the right thing.  She knows how to get things done.”  

    Bruce Beard

    West Hawaii Health