Strategic Planning

At Regarding Sales & Marketing, we believe in the power of process, or strategic planning

iStock_000010333165_ExtraSmall_croppedFollowing a process helps us make better decisions and get better results.  Instead of consciously setting up a strategic plan to help their business grow, most business owners rely on reactive marketing to make decisions.  For example, they put an ad in the phone book because the yellow pages sales rep shows up in their office.  Most decisions are made in reaction to some new piece of information or visit by a sales rep.  Instead of just reacting, make a plan.  Then you are in control of your marketing and sales efforts.

Strategic Planning

Growing a business takes careful planning and strategic thinking.  By starting with a Strategic Plan, you can determine how you want your business to grow, whether your Hawaii business is small or large, developed or a startup. Once you have a clear direction, we can determine the best way to get there.

Marketing Planning

Creating a Marketing Plan helps make marketing decisions easy.  Not sure how much to spend in the phone book, or if radio or newspaper will work?  Creating a plan will help answer these questions.  The plan starts with a careful assessment of your target market; who they are, how they get information, and what kinds of things make them take action.  With that defined, planning the rest is logical.  We can create an advertising plan, a social media plan, a networking plan, and a calendar and budget to go with each.  Yes, marketing can be that easy.

Sales Planning

If your business employs a sales team, it is important for them to have a clear sales plan that includes goals, lead generation, follow-up, and overcoming objections. Leads don’t fall from the sky like they used to, so if you have a sales team, they need to go out and sell new business.  If you can identify the kind of leads you need, we can help the team create and follow a sales plan.


  •  “Re: Sales & Marketing helps keep me in touch with my clients electronically, by phone and in person. That keeps me focused on operations and service.”  

    Ron Lloyd

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  •  "Liz can turn any small business around with her no nonsense approach to affordable yet highly sophisticated sales and marketing strategy. I have heard it said many times from clients that she is "worth every penny." She is also a world class business effectiveness consultant and strategic planning facilitator for small businesses and non-profit organizations."  

    Cheryl Holdcroft

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    Sam Valenti

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  •  I believe that she could help any business or organization because she understands the structure of organizations. She knows the elements that must be in place for success. Beyond that, she knows how to inspire people to be very creative and to learn to solve their own problems.  

    Peter Schonberg

  • “Liz has a knack for getting to the right person and saying the right thing.  She knows how to get things done.”  

    Bruce Beard

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