Successful Sales Enablement – Why Your Sales Team Loves You
20 Jan 2015

Successful Sales Enablement – Why Your Sales Team Loves You

The proliferation of sale enablement tools is astounding. It’s no wonder everyone is trying to define Sales Enablement. What if we made the definition really simple? Sales Enablement is anything that frees your sales people to sell.

The next question to be answered is “What is selling?” The answer to the question “What is selling?” might be, “Any interaction with a client that moves the sale forward.” Can you remove those activities that don’t meet that description out of the sales teams hands? Which part of the sales process requires a highly skilled sales person?” This is where the discussion gets interesting.

If you want to determine what sales enablement tools you need to employ, you need to know what your sales people do all day.

Every sales person spends part of their time doing things that have nothing to do with sales. They may spend time on travel and travel related activities. They have company-mandated meetings to attend. There may be other admin work including calendaring, time documentation etc. The better managed those activities are the better.

What part of the sales process your sales team is involved in varies from company to company. Some companies still rely on sales people to do prospecting, while other companies have a marketing teams that deliver qualified leads to the sales reps. Your sales team may be doing research on customers or industries. They may be involved in social media. (New statistics indicate that the most successful sales people are). They are updating CRM systems with client information. They are making phone calls and emails. They are setting appointments and answering questions.

It is easy to fill a sales reps day with activities. If you want to know what those activities are, just ask your sales rep, or call the accounting and HR department and ask which tasks the sales people complain about.

What tools can you offer your sales team to help focus their activities around the client interaction part of their jobs?

What if someone else could do the client research? What if someone else could write the introductory emails? What if the CRM dialed the phone, researched prospects, managed social media and automated communication? What if reps could speak notes instead of typing? What if sales presentations were available on their mobile devices and were easy to personalize? What if you could use data to pinpoint what to sell to whom when? What if training could be done effectively online?

That is all possible now. So, if you think you know what sales enablement is, just wait a week. Someone will introduce a new sales enablement tool you probably have never thought of.

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