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Successful Sales Enablement – Why Your Sales Team Loves You

The proliferation of sale enablement tools is astounding. It’s no wonder everyone is trying to define Sales Enablement. What if we made the definition really simple? Sales Enablement is anything that frees your sales people to sell. The next question to be answered is “What is selling?” The answer to the question “What is selling?” might be, “Any interaction with a client that moves the sale forward.” Can you remove those activities that don’t meet that description out of the...

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The Best Sales Hacks Happen at the Beginning of the Sale

Don’t you hate when you get to the end of the sale, you are ready to close and suddenly, the whole process slows down? Slowing down is the last thing you want when you are trying to close deals to meet quota. Remember that old adage “You need to slow down to go faster?” It applies here. If we slow down at the beginning of the sales process, and cover all the bases, the end of the sale should go...

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